Tina Wisner

VP Marketing Analytics 

Tina brings more than 20+ years of analytical leadership and data-driven marketing and product management experience. With a strong background in insurance, automotive, retail, e-commerce, healthcare and the health sciences, Tina specializes in mining data to uncover hidden consumer insights and cultural trends; predictive analytics for understanding and forecasting demand; and data visualization tools for quantifying and socializing business impact. Her analytical leadership has helped strengthen business decision-making for many local and global clients, from 21st Century Insurance, AIG, Toyota, Auto Club of Southern California, Equifax, Matte, Tryg, 3M, SpoonfulOne to healthcare clients like MedImmune, MerzPharma and many more.

Through her Decision Science contribution, she has paved the path to analytics capabilities that enable data driven business solutions. She institutionalized business case development; pioneered measurement and analysis planning; built an Enterprise Data Warehouse; drove the growth and profitability of an auto insurance product in new markets; and established the approach to find the authentic connection between consumer behavior, market dynamics, pricing, customer experience and campaign results. She is a hands-on contributor, pioneer, thought leader and change agent in the fields of Cross Channel Attribution; Content Analytics; Forecast Models; Media Planning and Optimization.