End-to-End Expertise

We believe that strategic cohesion between all departments—from creative and production to media buying and marketing science—is necessary for a campaign’s success. Maximizing performance requires integration.

While we offer our services a la carte, we have found that end-to-end solutions produce the best results. 




The Selling power of Simplicity

Feld Direct creates video assets that synthesize a product’s strengths into a simple proposition that not only drives leads and sales but differentiates the brand. Our commercials adhere to our proven selling logic structure that makes the product or service the desired and obvious solution to the consumer problem, sparking an immediate response.

The Art of Persuasion

Some customers respond to a rational sales pitch, others to emotion. We find the right mix to spur immediate sales and build long-term brand preference.

Media Aligned Targeting

The ultimate placement of the spot is a major consideration when developing creative, which we use to target specific audience segments and speak directly to them, offering meaningful solutions relevant to their problems.





Feld Direct produces high-quality DR TV commercials and video content designed for use on television, streaming, and digital platforms. We have produced over 2,500 video advertisements for clients in a wide range of industries, from finance and medical devices to beauty and fashion.

With our in-house production and post-production company, Graphite Films, we’ve streamlined the production process to produce multiple commercials in a single shoot and eliminate third-party markups for beautiful yet cost-effective creative for a wide variety of budgets. The entire production process from briefing to on-air typically takes eight weeks but can be expedited when necessary.

Modular Production

For clients with multiple target audiences, or a variety of products, we are able to easily swap in and out products as seasons change and even create variations of a spot to speak to different audiences.

The Creative Feedback Loop

When our marketing science team identifies factors that can increase current campaign performance, our post production team makes creative changes quickly and inexpensively, fueling improved results as fast as possible.


MEDIA Planning AND Buying


Multi-Screen Minded

From traditional linear television to the rise of streaming services and premium programming providers, today’s consumer is watching more video content than ever. Viewers have seemingly unlimited choices as to what, when, and where they watch. For this reason, we approach media buying with a multi-screen mind set. Linear television is still the driving force behind our media strategies, but our senior buying staff is also well versed in negotiation across multiple platforms, including digital streaming and video on demand. This allows us to build omni-channel, consumer-centric media plans that will reach consumers no matter where or when they choose to watch content.

The Staying power of Television

Despite cord-cutting, national TV remains the core of video advertising and is still the most CPM-efficient video option. Television also works as the great legitimizer, lending instant credibility to a client’s brand in a way that other media cannot.

Feld Direct uses TV as a campaign work horse to drive response and generate sales. National cable is DRTV’s bread and butter, but we also buy national broadcast, satellite, syndication, as well as local broadcast and regional cable.

Emerging Opportunities: OTT, Streaming, VOD

Time spent with video content continues to climb among American adults. They’re simply shifting their viewing habits to non-linear platforms to watch when and where they want. In 2018, 67% of viewers had access to internet enabled TV-connected devices in their home, up from 61% in 2017 (Nielsen). The number of OTT-only households has tripled in the past five years and is now more than 11% of all US households. These trends are expected to continue their dramatic growth in the coming years.

We build media plans that include a mix of traditional TV and OTT/streaming platforms when appropriate for the product or service. But no matter the screen, tracking and attribution is essential. Our marketing science team builds and utilizes cross-channel attribution models to measure response and inform campaigns.


Media Science


Inform, Measure, Analyze, Repeat

Data is at the core of everything we do. It informs strategic decisions, powers media planning and creative development, and tracks key performance indicators. Our Media Science team has decades of analytical experience in attribution, modeling and analysis.

Data Strategies That Move The Needle

We supplement customer data with demographic, psychographic, and behavioral insights to build predictive models that identify prospect segments and power campaign optimization. We offer:

  • Data On-boarding Strategy

  • Learning Agenda and Test Design

  • Performance Tracking and Lead Attribution

  • Audience Segmenting and Network Analysis

  • Dynamic Budget Optimization and Reporting

Proven Media Testing Structure

Our on-air testing methodology allows us to quickly identify pockets of success across a variety of media and limit waste while we scale our client’s business. We outline this during the client on-boarding process, when a KPI pro forma is drafted to act as a thermometer throughout the campaign. 




Everyday Partnership

When a client works with Feld, they’re not just gaining an agency. They’re gaining a marketing partner who understands their industry, their business, and their sales goals. 

Our account services team harnesses all the agency resources to make each TV campaign a success. The Feld account team is different from other account groups. We’re well versed in media, production, creative and project management. We keep all projects on time and on budget.

Keeping the Ball Rolling

The account team is the super glue that holds every project together. The account team creates in-depth creative briefs, detailed budgets, and strict timelines to manage the day to day workflow of the campaign.

Devoted Collaborators

Before creative development begins, we seek input from all client constituents including management, sales, call center staff, and customers. It’s critical to the campaign’s success. While no one knows their business better than the client, we’re experts in the direct response space and will provide the leadership needed for maximum ROI.

Diverse Experience

Feld Direct’s clients range from Fortune 500 companies to Silicon Valley startups. Category experience includes financial services, mortgage lending, health insurance, auto insurance, debt consolidation, healthcare and medical devices, pet and children’s products, and online dating, as well as beauty and fashion e-commerce.


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