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Alyssa Sontag

Associate Media Planner

Alyssa always wanted to work in advertising and remembers watching the Super Bowl every year with her family, just for the ads. She completed her Bachelor’s of Science at New York University where she majored in Media, Culture, and Communications. During her time at NYU she studied how the world understands and reacts to media, and traveled to Buenos Ares, Argentina on an Honors Research trip to study just that.  Prior to starting at Feld, Alyssa worked at several start-up tech companies in NY and SF and offered her professional skills as volunteer PR coordinator for Silicon Valley start-up, Ice911. At Feld, she is the Associate Media Planner, and helps the senior buyers as they successfully allocate client’s media dollars with the TV network media buys.

When not in the office, Alyssa spends her time playing volleyball on Saturdays with a co-ed intermural team, cuddling up with her cat Luna, and drinking iced coffees aplenty in Marin County, where she lives.