The Feld Philosophy


At Feld Direct, selling comes first, second, and third.

Video content is the gold standard for reaching and engaging a customer base in today’s multi-media advertising environment. Television still delivers the largest single audience of any advertising medium, and the emergence of non-linear streaming has pushed aggregate video viewership to an all-time high. No matter the screen, video remains a marketer’s most potent advertising tool, and we harness its power. 

Feld Direct thrives in the age of multi-screen video advertising.


Two commercials created from the same brief can have a 4X difference in response. That’s why we test multiple spots on air simultaneously. Response is measured and analyzed, winners are identified, insights are used to revise the creative and media plan, and new challengers are tested against control. Since testing is done on air, our clients earn while they learn.

To test multiple creatives at the same time, the commercials have to be high quality befitting the brand, yet affordable to enable robust testing. That’s why we have our own in-house production company, Graphite Films. Keeping production and post production under one roof keeps costs down by eliminating third party production markups.

Other production economies include shooting multiple spots per day. In-house production means much faster turnaround, and feedback is never lost in translation. For added value, we shoot digital video assets and extra footage for re-edits at the same time.

We’ve produced over 2,500 commercials and hundreds of online videos that are seen by millions of viewers each day. We also design and produce supporting campaigns in other media, including direct mail, digital advertising, print, and out of home.



Mic Feld   CEO

Mic Feld

Dan Tarr   Director of Media Science

Dan Tarr
Director of Media Science

Shari Pasanowic    Senior Media Manager

Shari Pasanowic

Senior Media Manager

Corey Feld   Media Strategy Manager

Corey Feld
Media Strategy Manager

Alyssa Sontag   Associate Media Planner

Alyssa Sontag
Associate Media Planner

Dash Thompson   CFO

Dash Thompson

Ronna Malson   Senior Editor

Ronna Malson
Senior Editor

Tom Pearson   Director of Brand Response Investment

Tom Pearson
Director of Brand Response Investment

Ryan Thompson   Post-Production Manager

Ryan Thompson
Post-Production Manager

Totianna Weekly   Assistant Editor

Totianna Weekly
Assistant Editor

Diana Zaslaw    Director of Production

Diana Zaslaw
Director of Production

Tyler Valzania   Account Supervisor

Tyler Valzania
Account Supervisor

Eric Hill   Associate Director, Data Governance

Eric Hill
Associate Director, Data Governance

Wesley Lu   Senior Account Executive

Wesley Lu
Senior Account Executive

Alexandra Saarela    Agency Coordinator

Alexandra Saarela

Agency Coordinator




Laser Focus on the Sale

Our purpose is to produce commercials that make the sale–not to make short films with the client’s logo at the end. We’re here to engage the viewer, solve a consumer problem with a persuasive proposition, support it with proof points, and call for the order. 

Full Accountability 

Controlling all response levers means our team is accountable for everything that drives response. It also eliminates the tendency to pass the buck. Our creative, production, media, and analytics teams work in unison to maintain accountability, lower risk, and increase ROI. 

Accurate Measurement

Our marketing science team develops custom attribution models to precisely measure response across linear television, OTT and streaming platforms to fuel campaign success. 

Transparent Collaboration

We’re known for our unusually close collaboration with clients. Client and agency acts as one seamless team, freely sharing information. Together we form testable hypotheses, read the results, pursue the wins, and cut the losses. Common sense prevails. 

Deep Business Immersion

A comprehensive understanding of our client’s business and their industry at large is critical to a successful strategy. We analyze macro-economics, follow consumer trends, and track competitors’ activities to make recommendations with implications beyond marketing.

Constant Learning

Before creative development begins, we talk to all constituents–customers, prospects, call center personnel, sales people, as well as management. From people on the front line we learn what resonates with customers and create advertising based on those insights.

Everyday Partnership

Unlike large agency and media conglomerates who devote junior staff and minimal resources to clients with smaller budgets, Feld’s senior staff touches every single account and oversees every single aspect of execution.

Persistent Innovation

Feld Direct is more than an agency–we’re a marketing partner who constantly generates ideas to increase sales and maximize return on advertising investment.